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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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illegally. and when you have suspicion. i think that is important. we've been doing it for four years. >> some arizona residents say the threat of racial profiling is real. >> this is scary for me to have that in the back miff head that i can be pulled over and maybe deported. >> today, the governor claims victory. >> the state of afrz arizona and senate bill 1070 was vindicated. the heart of the bill was upheld. >> and after checking status there is little else they can do. meaning states cannot deport illegal immigrants, only the federal government can do that. >> and dean, what does this mean for other states as they try to implement their own policies? >> well, the big message is that states can't implement their own immigration policis. immigration policy is a
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national matter, defined by the constitution. the united states congress is not the biggest play gler policy. it's the only player in that game. >> so this doesn't address concerns of the possible racial profiling because it left that part standing for now. >> this pro vision hangs by a thread. the court says we can't say this is unconstitutional and are going to wait and see how it's applied f for a vehicle of racial profiling the court said we may strike this down as well on equal protection. >> we'd imagine this is someone everyone is going to be watching closely for an opportunity to target that. >> oh, sure. five other states have similar pro visions so someone is going say i was stopped because of my race under a section 2 b type pro vision.
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>> and this is is a victory for the obama administration. >> yes this, has to be almost a -- considered almost a complete victory. there is three of the four struck down and fourth hanging by a thread. >> and ef one is talking about health care reform. >> this will be decided by the end of the week and this is because the court will take a hiatus, it's going to be a landmark decision on limits of federal power. >> thank you very much. >> more activities and turns in the trial of a man accused of beating a catholic priest. the judge suspended testimony once again, today, we're live at county court house with
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details for us. >> this is every hour, there seems to be another one. the case against a father is moving forward. but without any of his testimony and that is a victory for the prosecution and a huge blow for the defense. the judge rule that had litner's 40 minutes of testimony and they came after lindner testified and may have purr injured himself he did not molest will lynch offer his -- or his brother, now, the dramatic testimony that he will invoke his fifth amendment right. the defense was furious, asking for another mistrial. the prosecution wanted the trial forward. the judge ruled that would be unfair not to be able to cross examine lindner rather than
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throw out the case against will lynch, the judge is throwing out all of the testimony of the man lynch is accused of beating. and who he says molested him, and his brother, as children. >> i think it's a laughing stock of justice. the prosecution puts on a witness, let's them tell the tale, and tell his story of what happened, and then, we get -- supposed to get the opportunity to question him. and we don't get to. it's a laughing stock of justice. >> and for that reason the defense says it will ask for yet another mistrial. and that will be the third request. the judge appears clear that this case is moving forward. and keep in mind the jury didn't hear any of the arguments today. involving possible request for mistrial or the fifth amendment. so the judge will be instructing the jury to
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disregard all testimony that they have already heard from father lindner. the defense has vowed to put will lynch on the stand because will lynch has wanted his case and his story of rape and abuse by this former priest to come out in public. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and the man charged with killing seven people in oakland's oikos university is back in court today, pleading guilty today for the shooting spree on april 2. a brief pretrial hearing was held today thchl is video curing an earlier court appearance, he'd been a nursing student at oikos. investigators say he was upset about not getting a refund when withdrawing from the school. >> the dodgers giants rivalry comes to at and t park today this city officials want
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everyone to enjoy the game and be safe. as an extra precaution, san francisco police officers will wear gear and mingle in the crowd. they want to keep the peace after the brutal beating of brian stow at dodger stadium. these two men are now on trial for that assault. >> the san francisco police department announce there'd is a new app keeping officers on the streets longer. officials showed off a prototype and it will allow officers to write reports from a tab blet or phone instead of strog drive back to write the reports out on computers there. this is estimated to allow officers to spend three to four more hours per week on the streets. >> there is a making reports in living rooms and restaurants, and whatever. and so we'll be out in and available while we're doing our reporting. way more efficient way to do it. >> sfpd down about 200
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officers so more time is imper tiff. it's hoped the app will be ready in about six months when new class graduates. >> there are fires to tell you about. two cars burning this morning in redwood city. investigators say the cause is sus spishus. the two cars went up in flames around 3:00 a.m. and one inside of a car port about 50 feet away. nobody was hurt and neither fire spread to nearby buildings. another fire just a mile away destroyed two apartments and displaced 25 people, investigators later determined that fire may be a case of arson. >> workers inside of this office on "b" street got a day off after their building caught fire. there is nobody hurt there, either, crews managed to put out the blaze and firefighters believe it broke out in bushes and it's the same area where another fire was reported just weeks ago. the cause is under investigation. >> there are fraets wrapping
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up a portion of the investigation into the cause of a oakland building fire for 12 hours, june 14th. that gir began before dawn near west oakland bart station damaging a section of track there's. for more than a week investigators from bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms have been looking intoc@mq cause of the fire bringing in a canine team from portland, oregon to look for liquides. investigators have collected mounds of evidence. >> there is the miles per hour is to see if we can't find the cause of the fire. >> there will be a crime lab to sift through all of the evidence. >> and a lot of people are enjoying a first week off from school. summer vacation. and they wanted to the get warm. >> let's check in now with spencer christian. >> lovely day today, cooler than average, sunny skies and there are clouds traveling
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through the sky. this evening, mainly clear, early. and there are lows from 57 to 55. and tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies and lingering fog that will start to sunny up by afternoon, mainly sunny skies with milder conditions and warmer inland. highs climbing up to near 80 degrees. and there is more warming to follow. details in just a few minutes. researchers trying to figure out how babies see the world what. they found out. >> a look at role children played in what is being called one of the greatest antismoking campaigns, ever. >> there is a name for the feeling you get when you think your smart phone is ringing but it isn't? and there might be a pill coming out for it, too. phantom vibrations, ahead. >> taking a look at traffic
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now. you can see for those folks on the right side of the screen headed south and ponts beyond it's moving nicely. it's slow going. stay with us. abc 7 news at
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limb claimpk into the weekend, let's take a look at what's happening in the at moss sfir, there is active area of weather to our north, these systems stay north and we'll start at 7:00 this evening, and notice how showers and accuweather push inland overnight and tomorrow, we'll see clouds arounding to the coast tomorrow night again and into early wednesday morning. so next two days will be featuring night, morning low clouds and sunny skies into afternoon. and continued warming. don't you like the sound of that? overnight, partly cloudy skies, low temperatures upper 40s to just about 50 around the bay z then, tomorrow, mainly sunny skies by afternoon, breezy near the coast. looking for highs reaching up to 65 in san francisco. 62 in half moon bay.
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low 70s around the bay. fremont and palo alto. pushing inland into east bay, 78 concord, 79 fairfield. mid-70s in santa rosa. 76 napa. monterey bay, highs near the bay low 70s through watsonville. breezy conditions around the bay area. there is farther inland, milder. 78 the high. gilroy, 75 in morgan hill. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a warm up to mid-80s inland, wednesday, thursday, warmer pattern holds into the weekend and now, that is summer weather. the summer like weather arrives this week. >> that is more like it. >> thank you. >> next on abc 7 news 4 h.4 at 4:00 why a woman is suing his wife over $1 million worth of designer shoe autos there is a
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study uncovering best form of early intervention for children with adhd to keep grades from slipping. >> taking a look now at traffic heading into san francisco. first golden gate bridge. you can see for cars on the left hand side of the screen. it's very slow going this afternoon. pretty heavy for folks heading to marin. taking a look at bay bridge toll plaza now, if you don't have fast track and you're in the right side of the screen you're going to be waiting. to get along the bay bridge now. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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it's going to be a good game, for nba champions miami heat. the team took a lap this morning during the par yaichd tens of thousands of fans came out to cheer on the team and everybody was there. there is lebron james there is
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uggy from the film "the artist" saying goodbye to acting. >> no! >> yes. >> and there is rachel smith with detail autos it filled the show and now, uggy is retiring. the famous jack russell terrier is the firsting to to get this honor. now red carpet premier of the movie "magic mike" talking about showing skin and. >> this is weird. i sit here and be like wow. all right. somehow we're making a movie of the weird gray area. it's foggy. >> if i'm going to be a stripper movie one time in my life i'm not going to do it and realize if i don't strip i'm going to regret it and it
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dances into theaters friday. >> now, on jep ti host alex trebek, we're told he's expected to fully recover when host a new season next month. and for more celebrity news go to >> still to come schools versus stadium. there is a move to get schools money supposed to go to a new home for niner autos and farm workers taking a fight to the state capitol today. >> and a student takes the bait going for a spin in a police
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millions of dollars supposed to go towards building a new stadium may now end up going to schools. it's a controversial proposal this afternoon in the city of santa clara. abc news is there live with the story for us.
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>> construction work seemed unaffected by we do, carolyn are yet to hear officially from the 49ers. $30 million sounds like a lot of money but it's only a fraction of the $1.2 billion budget for the new project. the new stadium. voters overwhelmingly approved $40 million in tax revenues for the project in 2010. construction began april 1. and $10 million as been spent. but redevelopment agencies a new county board came in with a power to reassign that money. and there is suddenly a board voting to divert to other government needs, like schools. you think parents would be thrilled but not all are. >> now, it's just go tg take $30 million away. it's not right that.
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$30 million was, you know, designated for the stadium. voted by a majority vote. and so that is where money should stay. >> this is bet twror vote for schools. it's better for the city. for the community. bet for the kids. for future. >> parents not happy with the funds being yanked from the stadium fear there is no guarantee the money will go to the school. the city and 4ers are expected to get their team of lawyers working on getting money back. again, at this point we have yet to hear from the 49ers. >> thank you and check it out. there is a story on our facebook page. and there is a lot of opinions about what's happening with the stadium. there is first from brink,
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deciding they want to change the game in mid stream. and dissenting view. redirected. schools are suffering and money wasted on stupid things like a new stadium. they need to live with what they've got or pay for it themselves. athletes can afford it, children cannot. and if it brings jobs to the city it's good. that is what we need to focus on. this conversation continues online. >> the city of stockton son the brink of filing for bankruptcy. talks being held right now with creditors. it's 85 miles east of san francisco. and if mediation fails lawyers could file for chapter 9 protection. stockton has one of the highest foreclosure rates in
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the nation. the city borrowed kblinlz for a new balance park and promised benefits to retirees it's now having trouble paying and faces a $26 million deficit. >> there is farm workers urging lawmakers to approve bills what they call basic rights as employees. holding a rally the state capitol cafeteria, looking to pass measures to grant overtime. >> farm workers and domestic workers are not second class citizens. they're men and women and they take some of the hardest jobs in america, off the -- often for pay and conditions others would not tolerate. >> organizers did not have a perm skbrit were asked to leave.
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>> coming up egypt's financial markets. >> and a disturbing site for beach goers. people explain their intention. >> one of a kind. really, loans yom george moves on. ahead. >> a warming trend here in the bay area and tropical storm debbie making land fall in just a moment. >> and taking a look right now at traffic at the mcarthur maze, you can see those cars getting on to 80 eastbound now. it's very slow going for them. and not a lot better for the cars on the right side of the screen sm. heading to san francisco now. stay with us.
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reports say more refugees are crossing into turkey from neighboring syria including members of the syrian military, a turbish state run agency says 224 people crossed overnight and among them 33 soldiers included in that group is a general and colonels. this is during heightened tensions after syria's downing of two planes over the mediterranean. reports say 33,000 have crossed to find refuge from is a months of violence. >> there are egyptians celebrating the bench mark
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index surged more than 7% today. it was the largest gain in nine years. and analysts say it could fade as f.he cannot form a government with support. and financial markets took a hit across europe and u.s. today after spain asked for help to rescue pail -- aling banks. the spanish government does not specify how much money it needs from the group. the banks have been hobled by loans made during a real estate bubble. and this didn't sit well with investors here at home. there is more than a is% drop. >> people are still buzzing over what they saw flying in the sky over long beach, new jersey yesterday. there are residents stocked to
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see a banner of a plane pulling a swas sticka. waits merely trying to inform people it was a symbol of peace and beauty corrupted by nazies and local jewish leaders say it is still a horrific image for them. >> a subspecies of tortoise is now exstikt after its last-known surviving member died. he was a pin yata island -- pinta island, pardon me, tortoise believed to be 100 years old. he was found in 1971. conservationists hoped he would breed with female giant tortoises and it never worked out. >> george is cute. >> now, he's gone. >> now, it's sad. >> up next making the best of
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a messy tropical storm churng towards florida's coast. >> new generation of vinyl flooring looks better than old fashioned stuff but how durable is it? i'm michael finney and will have a products test coming up. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues
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let's enjoy beauty just a moment here, this is a view from our camera. and spencer tells me the big puffy clouds are cumulus clouds. >> that is -- . >> cotton ball autos yes. yes. >> and they're cumulus clouds and at this hour, very serious conditions there. forecasters unsure of debbie's next move. the storm churning 50 miles south with winds about 45 miles per hour. and it could make land fall this week. in clear water beach, flooding cause bid debbie is a chance for fun. one kid hitched a ride on a
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car and is forwarding down the street. there is a serious side. the storm killed at least one person, sent tornadoes ashore and caused hundreds to evacuate. abc has the latest. >> debbie is am bling towards land. >> this center hovers at sea this video provided to abc affiliate captures one of the storms shooting off the outer edge. there are forecasters warning there could be more isolated tornadoes and the rain is going keep coming convincing the governor to declare a state of emergency. >> everybody needs to be cautious. the, i don't take anything for granted and take care of your family. watch out for friends.
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>> already, debbie has taken a life. authorities found a woman's body in a home south of tampa. in orange beach, alabama they're searching for a 32-year-old man swept out to sea. >> the current were pulling him, couldn't get there in team. >> -- time. >> officials shut down the st. george bridge leading to a vacation island just south of the pan handle. around tampa bay, police he vac waited place that's already have one foot of rain and bracing for more. >> there are upstairs neighbors, we might be coming to visit. >> it's is more about flooding than flying objects. anyone telling you they know where the storm is going is not telling the truth. >> and the concern is not going anywhere as long as debbie refuses to take a path. >> spencer has been tracking it for us as well. >> right. you're saying this has been so
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erratic. and you thought it's heading towards texas. >> right. it's moving into gulf of mexico turning east and now, moving north. this is the position over pensacola, florida. and there are winds 45 miles per hour. and if it stays on the course, you can call this land fall. and there are violent thunderstorms and a couple tornadoes. there are outer bands lashing florida. we'll keep watching that for you. tomorrow, hot conditions throughout the country and into sounl west, high temperatures up to 102 degrees in denver tomorrow, tomorrow, this is mainly sunny skies and there are highs 84 in chico. 106 in palm springs. 79 in los angeles.
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69 in big sur. and there is drying tomorrow, on we go. bay area we're going to get warmer tomorrow than today. today was pleasant but a warm up continues throughout the weekend. so there are highs of 69 in san mateo. low 70s in redwood city. low 60s on the coast. 65 in downtown san francisco. north bay, highs into mid to upper 70s. there is highs around 70. 72 in fremont. east bay, highs into upper 70s to about 80s and there is a few big, puffy clouds.
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>> when it comes to flooring vinyl is the top-selling product. but is it the best for your home? >> mike yim finney here now with results of a test. the question is vinyl final? >> that is a good question. >> there is so much of the stuff out there. it's amazing. there are huge figures and huge number of choices and there is a test to see which hold up. >> there is some strinl flooring in a variety of tex tours. >> there is a important test how well it will hold up through years of traffic. >> and machine strubs up to 500 times. the flooring coated with an abrasive substance. and this is where testers evaluate how well it resists
4:49 pm
stains. and testers placed flooring in this machine and exposed it to rays. there is when they ran into trouble. >> this is how it looks before and here how it looks after. >> when done, it beat all other flooring. kroirts says a good choice is san onstone sign. >> this is mimicking color and texture of real stone. >> but there are concerns. >> vinyl flooring with emit compounds called docs. consumer reports says vinyl flooring has industry certification indicates it emits low levels of vocs. recommended armstrong has the
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certification. if you prefer a wood floor consumer reports recommends a floor from bruce dundee plank. there is less than $6 per square foot. >> and there is vinyl we remember, well, looked like vinyl. >> right? >> and horrible color autos maybe it was where i lived. >> and there is is this community property? one poker player fighting to keep hands off her expensive designer shoes. >> and there is mama bear to the rescue. >> and rescue of local children discovered in a crack down on prostitution, coming
4:51 pm
up. >> and right now there is diane sawyer a look at what is ahead on world news. >> more on the big supreme court ruling on immigration, what it means not only for arizona but everyone, including in the bay area tonight. we'll be here and also, our friend alex trebek of jeopardy suffered a heart attack. there is something this moment teaches everyone at home about their own health. good morning! wow.
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want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good?
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sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. one more look at traffic in downtown san francisco. this is the skyway f you're on it, be headed towards peninsula. this is moving left to right and sit the usual slow crawl at this hour. >> there is an is 1-year-old
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skboi two friends face felony charges for stealing a police bait car. i know it's murky, but the 11-year-olds took the car for a quick spin, picking up two friends. they're both age 10. at times the passengers complained that the young driver was going too fast but he assured them he was a good driver. later the kids spotted a police officer and ducked. and the-to-hide from the officer. >> i think myself with others were shocked that children this young could take this step to steal a vehicle and commit a felony. >> they f.police tracked down the vehicle twice using gps. both times only finding children playing outside of the car. it and wasn't until looking at video they realized who was behind the wheel. the da has yet to file charges but if it happens they will be
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charged as minor autos one of the fushl divorce dramas. professional poker player beth shack being sued by her ex-husband over her staggering collection of designer shoes. she has 1200 pairs. she spent so much money on the collection she was featured in the documentary "god save my shoes" about women and their love affair with foot wear, her ex estimates it's worth about $1 million. he believes he's entitled to 35% that have. >> clothing is not considered an asset but when you have 1200 pairs of expensive shoe that's may be more debatable. >> and he claims his exnever told him about the stockpile but she had hidden in a secret room were you need a code to yernt. she call that's lewd chris, asking how could she hide all of the shoes. pemplts say she could give him a few hundred pairs of her
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already-worn size sevens. maybe spikey ones. a take lake tahoe homeowner got a surprise in her garage. check this out. >> this is posted on you tube. the homeowner says she found a bear cub trapped in the garage, climbing around looking for anyway out. likely scared. who comes to the rescue? mama bear. who opens the door and the cub goes down the ladder, out the door. now, mama bear knew which button to hit. she got the door open. thanks for joining us. you can track latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it as well on 7 news. >> local children rescued.
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and the operation that will send cops into the giant ballpark wearing dodger gear. >> more familiar summer pattern splishing itself. i'll have details coming up. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jenning autos i'm carolyn johnson. a law enforcement sweep targeted prostitution. >> and fbi and bay area authorities rescued several children. abc 7 news joins us live with the story. vic? >> there is a sweep lasting three days, 0 agencies participated. the sweep covered five cities and is code named operation cross country. it began last wednesday. it ended three days later. >> this is 57 city as cross
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the country. and 79 children and and many of the arrests were here in the bay area, police say they included 61 adult prostitutes, three johns and seven pimps and rescued six under aged prostitutes. among the highest number taken into custody in the sweep. >> every city has one or two juveniles liberated. none had mer than six. >> most of the local arrests made in oakland as were most of the rescues. >> during this operation, we arrested 31 adults for prostitution and rescue for juvenile as way from prostitution. >> it april yoors to be the same story. during our ride along was police, we've seen this over and over again. typically the girls are run


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